Xinghe Zhizun Episode 66 English Subbed

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Title :Xinghe Zhizun
Type :ONA
Synonyms :Supreme Galaxy, 星河至尊
Season :2021
Genre :Fantasy
Status :Ongoing


Once the most dazzling blue earth star of the first door of the star clan, accidentally got the world of the treasure “star map“, attracted the eyes of the lord of the world, in order to get the star map, the lord of the world induced the high level of the star clan to go to the Holy Star domain, and imprisoned them in the”Holy Star Domain”.In order to regain his former glory, Chu Xinghe, the younger suzerainty, sought the imprisoned father and the high-level of the star clan, and led several disciples under the gate to break through the twelve star circles, defeat the twelve star spirits of the Lord of the world, and eventually rescue his father and all the people of the star clan from the Lord of the world .

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