Love All Play Episode 7 English Subbed

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Title :Love All Play
Type :Spring 2022 Anime
Synonyms :ラブオールプレー
Season :2022
Genre :Sports
Status :Ongoing


Ryou Mizushima enrolls in junior high and joins the badminton club with great vigor. Although the club didn't have a proper coach, Mizushima improved his skills with his own physical strength by the time he participated in the prefectural tournament. Afterwards, he is approached by the Yokohama Minato High School's badminton coach, Ebihara. Indecisive and timid, Mizushima hesitates to attend such a prestigious school. However, with his elder sister Rika giving him a strong push, he decides to go to Yokohama Minato. Now blessed with a coach and idiosyncratic teammates, Mizushima will gain experience he's lacked till now, and aims to win the inter-high tournament.

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