Bei Kun Bai Wan Nian: Dizi Bianbu Zhu Tian Wan Jie Episode 20 Episode 16 English Subbed

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Title :Bei Kun Bai Wan Nian: Dizi Bianbu Zhu Tian Wan Jie
Type :ONA
Synonyms :Imprisoned One Million Years: My Disciples Are All Over The World
Season :2021
Genre :AdventureDramaFantasySupernatural
Status :Ongoing


Lu Chen, an immortal, was trapped in the Chaos Realm for many years, when he awoke again he discovered a whole different world. The old continent shattered into countless pieces, the north and south poles reversed, the heavenly suns went from nine to one, the wild beasts vanished, and the humans, who had only one. small wild country a long time ago, have spread all over the world. A mangy dog he'd picked up in the past turned out to be the ruler of a kingdom, and a little girl he kindly adopted turned out to be an immortal...

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